Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pollution problem

Report sheds light on Minnesota water quality concerns

The confluence of the St. Croix, left, and Mississippi rivers south of the Twin Cities, after the Minnesota River flows into the Mississippi.


Star Tribune

Half the lakes and rivers in southern Minnesota are often too polluted for safe swimming and fishing, according to a new state survey that could intensify efforts to protect surface waters. The finding emerged from a five-year assessment of Minnesota’s watersheds by the MPCA, which concluded that problems are worsening and will require 20 to 30 years to address.


UWM's water research springs to the next level

Journal Sentinel

In a world of increasing water scarcity there's no shortage of research on the next generation of water sensors that are meant to detect impurities. Now it appears one or possibly two of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's projects could go to the next level with potential applications from California to China.


MSU develops foam filter with world of potential

Michigan State University

It is estimated that one in nine people globally lack access to safe water. Michigan State University researchers are looking to fill that critical need and provide safe drinking water to the most remote locations in the world with a new foam water filter that significantly reduces dangerous pathogens in drinking water.

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