Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Talking tough

Gov. Snyder proposes strictest lead standard in U.S.


Detroit Free Press

Michigan Radio

Michigan would have the toughest lead testing standard in the nation under a sweeping proposal unveiled in Flint, where the drinking water is still contaminated with lead and residents remain dependent on bottled water. To make sure other Michigan cities don’t suffer the same fate, Gov. Rick Snyder and a team of experts have unveiled a plan to tighten water testing regulations and lower the action threshold.


Majority opposes Waukesha's water quest

Wisconsin Gazette

More than 99 percent of those who registered comments in a regional review explicitly opposed or expressed concern over Waukesha, Wis.'s request to divert Great Lakes water. The Wisconsin DNR completed its review of the city’s application earlier this year and sent the issue on to the Great Lakes states and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec for consideration.


Minn. Senate tries to clear up buffer law confusion


The Minnesota Legislature is close to cleaning up misunderstandings in a law meant to clean up the state's water. Senators passed legislation 61-0 making it clear that vegetative buffers will not be required along private ditches. The House is expected to pass the bill this week, and Gov. Mark Dayton could sign it into law soon.

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