Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Decision time

Flint mayor will reveal water supply plan for city today

Flint Mayor karen Weaver

Flint Journal


Flint Mayor Karen Weaver plans to make her recommendation for the city's future long-term primary and backup water sources at a press conference today. Residents will have four weeks to comment on the city's plan. Whichever option is chosen, Flint will continue to buy Great Lakes Water Authority water in the short term. Although the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is complete, the earliest Flint could treat water at its plant would be 2019.


Universities plan next-generation infrastructure

Michigan Radio

Take the combined brainpower of Michigan State, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University — and apply that to solving the water infrastructure problems we face not only in Flint, but across Michigan. That’s the idea behind a new program launched by Michigan’s University Research Corridor schools. It’s called IN-Water, Infrastructure Network for Water.


UW-Madison spinoff puts phosphorus in its place

Wisconsin State Farmer

In a bit of high-tech judo, a UW-Madison spinoff has started selling a technology to transform phosphorus at wastewater treatment plants from a major headache into an asset. A process invented in the lab of Phillip Barak, a professor of soil science, extracts phosphorus from the treatment plant and forms the calcium phosphate mineral brushite, which can be sold as dry fertilizer.