Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Algae law blooms

Ohio lawmakers pass bill to clean up Lake Erie

Wikimedia Commons

Sandusky Register

The Ohio General Assembly passed a major new measure to clean up Lake Erie pollution and fight the harmful algal blooms that contaminated Toledo’s water last summer. The measure now goes to Gov. John Kasich to be signed into law. The bill focuses on reducing the amount of nutrients such as phosphorus which flow into the lake as rain runoff, feeding the growth of harmful algal blooms.


Minnesota unveils wild rice, clean water plan

MPR News

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is calling for a "new approach" to regulate sulfate discharges in wild rice waters, shifting from a single standard to calculating safe sulfate levels for each of 1,300 bodies of water. The agency proposes using a formula to come up with a concentration level that is "protective" of the wild rice.


Great Lakes water levels rise to new heights

Christian Science Monitor

While people in the drought-stricken western U.S. watch lake and reservoir levels plunge, the three largest of the Great Lakes have recorded one of the most rapid increases in water levels on record, according to a new analysis. The turnaround ends an unprecedented period when levels fell below their long-term average.

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