Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dome sweet dome

Milwaukee education center takes 'green' to new level

Paula Zamiatowski, conservatory educator at the Mitchell Park Domes, checks the new spring growth on a roof planted with sedum to absorb rain. RICK WOOD

Journal Sentinel

Journal Sentinel

Workers caring for thousands of plants in greenhouses adjacent to the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee are able to irrigate all the flowers used in displays for several months at a time without turning on a faucet for city tap water. If that's not enough, a series of 18 fountains also operate without tap water. The source of water for both greenhouses and fountains? Rain.


Compromise near on Ohio fertilizer law

Toledo Blade

The chairman of an Ohio House committee said that lawmakers are “virtually there” on a compromise on legislation to reduce agricultural fertilizer runoff into northern Ohio waters. But talks continue behind closed doors on how to enforce new restrictions on the application of manure and other fertilizers.


Sweep targets farm wells in southern Minnesota

Star Tribune

Concerned that large swine feedlots in southern Minnesota are pumping millions of gallons of groundwater without proper permits, the state DNR has launched a compliance sweep of the region’s growing livestock industry. A team of hydrologists is focusing first on Dodge, Freeborn and Blue Earth counties.

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