Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Under fire

House committee attacks governor, EPA chief for Flint

Gov. Rick Snyder takes his seat before a hearing about the Flint water crisis in front of the U.S. House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform at the Rayburn House Office Building on Thursday, March 17, 2016 in Washington D.C. JAKE MAY


The Hill

House Democrats said Michigan's Republican governor should resign over Flint's water crisis, while Republicans said the head of the EPA should quit at a fiery hearing on Thursday. Democrats focused most of their fire on Gov. Rick Snyder, blaming him both for allowing an emergency manager to switch Flint's water supply as a cost-savings measure and for not acting quickly enough to respond to the ensuing health problems.


Minnesota panel OKs revisions to buffer strip law

Pioneer Press

Changes in Minnesota’s year-old law requiring vegetative buffers received approval of a Senate committee. Over objections of environmental groups, a Senate agriculture committee on a split voice vote moved Sen. Rod Skoe’s bill to extend until 2025 the time when all buffers must be in place. Current law sets that limit at 2018.


Wetland restoration could reduce major floods

Oregon State University

According to a new study, restoration of wetlands in the Midwest has the potential to significantly reduce peak river flows during floods — not only now, but also in the future if rains continue to increase in intensity. Restoration could also provide a step toward a hydrologic regime that more closely resembles its historic nature.

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