Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Test of patience

Flint faces barrage of sampling to assess lead threat

Ebony Coleman, 25, of Flint answers questions from DEQ environment quality analyst Anne Tavalire about her water sample as Tavalire collects samples from Flint residents on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, that are included in the sentinel site program by the Department of Environmental Quality with the help of Flint resident Ronnie Russell. RYAN GARZA

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press

Wave after wave of water testing to assess Flint's lead contamination problem is becoming a test of patience for residents. State, county and federal officials, university researchers and a nonprofit founded by Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo are all pursuing water samples across the city. The overlapping layers of testing can be dizzying for residents to keep track of, officials acknowledge. The public can track the results of state testing through an online map.


Groups say Great Lakes need presidential support

Medill Reports Chicago

Environmentalists announced a campaign platform, asking the 2016 presidential candidates to support a Great Lakes restoration and protection agenda. The new platform includes endorsement of maintaining at least $300 million each year for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. President Obama cut that fund from the current $300 million to $250 million in his recent proposed budget.


Minnesota takes aim at disposable wipe problem

West Central Tribune

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is proposing a ban on the labeling of disposable wipes as flushable, septic safe or sewer safe. Instead, all wipes sold in Minnesota would include a “do not flush” message. Clogs caused by disposable wipes can cause major damage to municipal wastewater treatment plants, which then require major, and expensive, repairs.

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