Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Grain strain

Minnesota water quality debate swirls around wild rice


Minnesota Daily

Wild rice, Minnesota’s state grain, is stirring up debate at the state Capitol. Though water quality standards to protect wild rice were established almost half a century ago, those regulations are now frustrating mining operations that have to filter their wastewater, which could cost billions of dollars. In response, some state leaders have introduced bills to address the issue.


Akron, Ohio, and Israel partner on water project

WYKC Cleveland

A partnership between Akron, Ohio, and Israel's water industry will create new jobs and investment as well as place Akron on the forefront of water innovation and technology, according to Mayor Don Plusquellic. Akron will be the exclusive North American partner with Israel's water industry, academia and private enterprises.


Great Lakes wetlands comprehensively mapped

Michigan Technological University

Fluorescent bands of color outline the Great Lakes on a new, comprehensive map of the region’s coastal wetlands. This publicly available map is the first of its kind on such a broad scale — and the only one to trump political boundaries. Both Canadian and U.S. wetlands are shown along more than 10,000 miles of shoreline.

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