Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Clear concerns

Emails: State worried about Flint a year before acting


Detroit Free Press

New York Times

A full year before the state took significant action, some top aides to Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan were alarmed at the quality of Flint’s water, with a lawyer for the governor calling the notion of drinking it “downright scary,” newly released emails show. By the time state authorities did act to protect Flint’s residents in October, the water supply was so contaminated — and lead levels so high — that residents are still being advised not to drink from their taps.


U.S., Canada adopt Lake Erie pollution target

The Plain Dealer

The U.S. and Canada struck a deal to adopt targets to reduce algae-feeding phosphorus entering Lake Erie by 40 percent. By reaching the 40 percent targets, the two countries hope to minimize low oxygen "dead zones" in the central basin of Lake Erie, maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems and keep algal blooms at levels that do not produce toxins that pose a threat to human or ecosystem health.


Minnesota summit rallies support for clean water

Star Tribune

Gov. Mark Dayton sought to unify Minnesotans around solving the state’s emerging water challenges at a summit that brought together activists, farmers, lobbyists, legislators and regulators. “What we really need is to establish an ethic of clean water practices,” he said. “I urge you, and I ask you, to spend today establishing our ethic: that clean water practices are every Minnesotan’s responsibility."

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