Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015

Toxic algae bill advances

Ohio Senate gives unanimous support to manure limits

This NASA satellite photo shows a toxic-algae bloom in Lake Erie on Oct. 5, 2011.

Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Dispatch

The Ohio Senate voted unanimously last week for new regulations aimed at reducing the phosphorus runoff from farmland that is a key contributor to toxic-algae blooms in Lake Erie. The bill prohibits the spreading of manure on fields that are frozen or saturated with water, or if the weather forecast says the chance of 1 inch of rain over the next 12 hours is greater than 50 percent.


Big budget for fighting Asian carp is downsized

Detroit Free Press

President Barack Obama's budget includes millions of dollars to defend the Great Lakes against Asian carp, including funds to finish a long-standing third electric barrier near Chicago. But environmentalists are voicing concerns that little funding is being aimed at Mississippi River basin proposals.


Minn. lawmakers to reassess water regulation

Hibbing Daily Tribune

Two bills have been brought to the Minnesota Legislature in a bipartisan effort to reassess the MPCA’s water-quality regulation process through independent scientific review and use cost-benefit. The bills part of a larger move to bring balance between communities, regulations and concerns for the environment.

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