Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015

Deforestation danger

Minnesota struggles to slow loss of trees, protect water

The mixed pine forests of central Minnesota are rapidly being replaced with agricultural fields. BRIAN PETERSON

Star Tribune

Star Tribune

The forests of central Minnesota — a region that protects a largely pristine but vulnerable aquifer — are being cleared at an accelerating pace, and regulators are scrambling to find a way to protect them. It’s part of a bigger, mostly invisible transformation in the large watershed that supplies drinking water for 1.7 million people in the Twin Cities.


Invasive species could be in Great Lakes by 2063


The Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater ecosystem in the world. If no new regulations are enforced, McGill University and colleagues in Canada and the United States predict new waves of invasions and identify some species that could invade the lakes over the next 50 years.


Spotlight on manure runoff in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal

Environmental groups are hoping recent rulings by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a federal judge that included harsh opinions of some farmers’ manure-spreading practices could provide the incentive to improve water quality in America’s Dairyland.

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