Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Tapping into manure

Technique could produce drinkable water, help lakes

Dane County is looking for ways to protect lakes from dairy industry manure.

Wis. State Journal

Wisconsin State Journal

Dane County, Wis., is setting aside about $1.3 million for new technology officials say could turn lake-fouling dairy manure into crystal clear water. Filtration and chemical treatments can strain virtually all of the phosphorus and solids out of a large portion of the manure-waste mixture, producing clear water and a concentrated fertilizer that could be sold.


Michigan's 'blue economy' a growing industry

Detroit News

Water emerged as one of the most compelling issues for Michigan's economic future during a five-city "Blue Economy Tour" led by the University Research Corridor. Researchers, government officials, nonprofit executives and business leaders agreed: Maintain and protect water resources and Michigan will flourish.


Diabetes medication found in Lake Michigan

Journal Sentinel

Research reveals that Lake Michigan waters outside a Wisconsin sewage facility contain a diabetes drug at levels so high that it could be disrupting the endocrine systems of fish. Other commonly found substances include caffeine and triclosan.

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