Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

Water concerns

Atlantic Coast Pipeline firm promises to do no harm

LEE LUTHER JR. / Nelson County Times


Nelson County Times

Among many residents’ concerns surrounding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that would run through Nelson County, Va., is one that deals with the most basic of human needs — water. Company representatives, meanwhile, have said construction will not cause adverse impacts to water resources or cause any loss of water bodies, including wetlands.


Pennsylvanians divided on fracking's local effects

Free Press Courier

A Pennsylvania environmental advocacy group is calling for a moratorium on further fracking on state lands after releasing a report Dec. 11 concluding that fracking is a “far-reaching” threat to parks and forests in the state.


Wetlands more vulnerable as climate changes

Science Daily

In the battle between native and invasive wetland plants, a new Duke University study finds climate change may tip the scales in favor of the invaders — but it’s going to be more a war of attrition than a frontal assault.

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