Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017

Growing pains?

For Chesapeake Bay pollution goals, a look at 2025

Growth in the Bay watershed's population is projected to increase needed nutrient reductions, and the added burden is not expected to be evenly distributed. (Dave Harp)

Bay Journal

Bay Journal & Baltimore Sun

For state and local governments in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, 2025 may get here sooner than anyone thought. In what may be a significant change for some areas, the state-federal Bay Program is looking to use projections of 2025 growth in human population, farm animal numbers and land use changes when it updates nutrient and sediment reduction goals next year.


Will N.J. make a healthy environment a right?

NJ Spotlight

Are clean air and clean water a constitutional right? They are in Pennsylvania and Montana, and New Jersey could be the third state in the nation to designate a healthy environment as an inalienable right. Under Assemblyman Tim Eustace's plan, the state would serve as a trustee of public natural resources, conserving and maintaining them for the benefit of all the people.


N.Y. considers limits on PFOA in drinking water

Times Union & N.Y. Health Department

A state panel charged with determining the maximum legal amount of PFOA and other contaminants in New York's drinking water heard from experts last week on issues like laboratory methods and water treatment costs. The meeting, the second held by the state Drinking Water Quality Council, focused on PFOA and PFOS.