Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017

Treading water

Chesapeake Bay defenders hold breath, wait on Senate

Chesapeake Bay watershed (Chesapeake Bay Program)

Bay Program

Washington Post & BuzzFeed

If the Senate does not restore a deep, House-passed cut in federal funding to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chesapeake Bay Program, the ripple effect on Maryland conservation efforts could be far larger than what the state would lose in actual dollars, according to program supporters. In past years, the Senate restored the cut, but with the retirement of Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, past is no longer precedent.


N.C. to suspend Chemours’ water pollution permit

Chemical & Engineering News & New Jersey Herald

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality says it will suspend Chemours' water pollution permit because it allegedly failed to report a spill of GenX, an unregulated chemical used to make Teflon, at its plant near Fayetteville in early October. Chemours in early November acknowledged the spill, which led to a nearly 100-fold increase in GenX in the Cape Fear River.


Sea level rise: It's not just how fast the ice melts

NPR, NASA & Science Advances

The seas are rising more in some places than others. And scientists are now finding that how much sea level rises in, say, New York City, has a lot to do with exactly where the ice is melting. For example, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab researchers found that changes in glaciers and ice sheets on the northern end of Greenland would have a bigger impact on the Big Apple than ice in Canada.