Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Not chicken feed

Study: Environmental regulation could cost millions


Baltimore Sun

A plan in Maryland to clean up Chesapeake Bay by restricting the use of chicken manure as crop fertilizer could cost Eastern Shore farmers from $22 million to nearly $53 million over the next six years, depending on how quickly they have to comply, a new study says. And that's even with millions more in taxpayer subsidies provided to growers to ease their economic burden.


Jersey City gets $5.8M water pipeline

Jersey Journal

As Jersey City continues to incorporate green technology, an innovative, cost-saving water pipeline that relies on gravity is now operational. Completed in June, the $5.76 million pipeline will bring water from the Boonton Reservoir Dam — the major source of water for Jersey City residents — to a treatment facility.


The city is an ecosystem, pipes and all

Boston Globe

Cities may strike us as the opposite of “the environment.” But scientists working in the growing field of urban ecology disagree. And a city’s ecosystems aren’t static; they change over time as populations grow, infrastructure ages, and different political structures and social values shape them.

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