Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015

Something fishy

Male bass in N.C. rivers found to have female parts


Environmental Health News

Male black bass and some sunfish in North Carolina rivers and streams are developing eggs in their testes, which can cause reproductive problems and potentially threaten populations, according to unpublished research. The research adds to growing evidence that exposure to estrogen compounds is feminizing male fish across the U.S. and suggests that North Carolina fish might be particularly at risk.


Protesters march against PennEast pipeline


Opponents of the proposed PennEast pipeline, which would bring natural gas from fracked fields in northeastern Pennsylvania to connect with another pipeline near Pennington in Mercer County, marched to Municipal Park in Milford, N.J., a community that will be surrounded by the pipeline if it is constructed.


Public or private: Which utility model works best?

Water Online

Which are more effective: public or private utilities? A new paper published in the American Journal of Political Science stacks these two models against one another. The paper sums up the key difference between these two types of utilities, but does not argue for the privatization of water utilities.

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