Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017

Major upgrade

Catskills project to revamp dam, dikes, intakes, more

An aerial image of Ashokan Reservoir. (NYC Water)

NYC Water

AP & NYC Department of Environmental Protection

A century-old reservoir in the Catskill Mountains that provides New York City with about 40 percent of its drinking water will get $750 million in upgrades to its dam, dikes, bridge and buildings, city officials announced Thursday. The Ashokan Reservoir is a crucial piece of the sprawling but aging system that supplies water to 8.5 million city residents plus another million people north of the city.


GenX cousin found in N.C. city's drinking water

News & Record, Coastal Review Online & Star News

As the concern over GenX in Cape Fear, N.C., grabbed headlines last week, water managers in Greensboro are battling another manmade compound from the same family as the GenX substance: perfluorooctane sulfonate, a.k.a. PFOS. The chemical is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s watch list for unregulated contaminants, just like GenX.


This Georgia agency actually wants to share water


Conservation and efficiency are hot topics at water agencies these days. In Atlanta, water agencies encourage people to use less water by charging those who use more a higher fee. But the Fayette County Water System is taking conservation in a new direction: sharing water. How? By letting more of it flow downstream, out of the reservoirs.