Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Effluent limitations

Fracking waste rule splits environmentalists, industry


StateImpact Pennsylvania

The U.S. EPA’s plan to prevent municipal water treatment plants from accepting fracking waste is being hailed by supporters as a necessary safeguard against the contamination of public water supplies, and attacked by the petroleum industry as a short-sighted measure that ignores its long-term needs and violates the Clean Water Act.


Large drop in Atlantic bluefish mercury levels

Environmental Health News

Mercury levels in bluefish caught off the U.S. Atlantic coast dropped more than 40 percent over the past four decades thanks to federal restrictions on coal emissions, according to a new study. The large drop suggest fish eaters are consuming less of the toxic metal – and that U.S. reductions are working.


Young oysters to filter polluted water

CBS New York

The struggling Long Island bay waters have been receiving some special help, courtesy of thousands of young shellfish that will be put to work filtering the water the natural way.

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