Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Water toolkit

Project helps urban planners with water conservation

Acton, Mass., wetlands.

Wikimedia Commons

Next City

The Alliance for Water Efficiency, Environmental Law Institute, and River Network recently released a tool to help communities plan for water-neutral growth. The Net Blue Ordinance Toolkit, developed with input from seven geographically diverse regions of the U.S., including Acton, Mass., is designed to meet different water needs when drafting an ordinance to require developers to offset new water demand.


How 'draining the swamp' backfired in Virginia

E&E News

The Great Dismal Swamp has seen better times. After centuries of being drained and logged, the swamp, straddling the Virginia-North Carolina border, has transformed from a moist wetland to a dry mass of peaty soil that emits carbon and sparks wildfires. But Chris Lowie, the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge manager, thinks he's figured out a fix: control its water flow.


Students' river restoration work wins big honor

Times Herald, Baltimore Sun, Fairfaxtimes.com

New York students got their hands dirty with a Schuylkill River Valley restoration project, earning them state and federal recognition. In addition to elbow grease, the fifth- and sixth-graders raised funds and secured a state grant. Eco-minded lessons seem to be the plan, with high schoolers building an artificial reef in Chesapeake and floating wetlands in Baltimore.