Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Georgia county a model for treating, reusing water


Gwinnett Daily Post

The 33 million gallons of water pumped into Georgia's Lake Lanier every day has been through a lot. It has been used as toilet water and drinking water. People have bathed in it. It has even been used to wash bacteria off food slated for consumption. But by the time Gwinnett County is done with it, it's clean and treated and ready to be funneled back into the lake it came from.


Croton water flows once again to New York City

New York Times

Water from the Croton watershed — historically the cradle of New York’s supply — began flowing to taps last week for the first time in seven years, officials announced, as one of the largest construction projects in the city’s modern history neared completion. The $3.2 billion plant is hidden under a golf driving range and can treat as much as 290 million gallons of water a day.


Frackers look for ways to reduce water use

Wall Street Journal

Some of the largest independent U.S. oil and gas companies are spending now to save money on water later, investing in conservation and recycling, hoping to reduce costs and ensure supplies.

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