Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Natural filters

Mussels deployed to clean up polluted waterways

Wikimedia Commons

Yale Environment 360

In the Delaware River and tidal estuary, one of the East Coast's major watersheds, and around the United States and Europe, threatened populations of mussels are being re-established to help filter out pollution generated by agriculture, industry and development.


Winter runoff into streams on par with sea salinity


Examining nearby creeks and outflows, Cornell University students have found that the amount of road salt in winter and spring runoff that flushes into streams is of near-oceanic salinity levels, according to a new, unpublished report from Cornell's Soil and Water Lab.


2.5 fracking violations a day, study shows

Bloomberg Business

Oil and gas drillers ran afoul of regulators on average 2.5 times a day in three energy-intensive states for mistakes such as wastewater spills, well leaks or pipeline ruptures during the boom in fracking.

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