Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Chopping block

Chesapeake Bay funds pay for projects large and small

America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again. WHITEHOUSE.gov


Richmond Times-Dispatch

About $60 million of the $73 million for the Chesapeake Bay program that is proposed to be cut in Trump's "America First" budget blueprint largely goes to grants large and small. The rest pays for an EPA office mandated by the Clean Water Act to oversee the program, funding for bay monitoring and research, and other costs for local programs.


Pa. OKs wells for disposing of fracking wastewater

Philadelphia Inquirer

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Monday approved two disposal wells for wastewater from oil and gas production, attaching special conditions to control for seismic activity associated with similar wells in other states.


W.Va. Senate rolls back chemical tanks safety law

Charleston Gazette-Mail

State senators Saturday gave final approval to a bill that rolls back West Virginia's landmark chemical tank safety law, and prepared for action Monday on separate legislation that could weaken the state's water pollution protections and give natural gas companies help in forcing unwilling co-owners of minerals into allowing drilling.