Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Green investment

Turning stormwater runoff into everyone's business



After turning to green infrastructure to deal with some of the stormwater runoff into Chesapeake Bay, the Washington, D.C., Department of Energy and Environment created retention credits to help pay for it. But since trading started in 2014, there have been only two exchanges. Now the private sector is stepping in to nudge the market in the right direction. If Prudential's $1.7 million investment succeeds, every other city with runoff problems will take notice.


Traces of toxic chemical found in N. Jersey water

Bergen County Record

A toxic chemical that recently raised concerns throughout the region when it was found near the Wanaque Reservoir has been detected in several smaller drinking water supplies that serve more than a dozen North Jersey towns.


Research will help U.S. plan for sea level rise

Science Daily

A new study at the University of Georgia could help protect more than 13 million American homes that will be threatened by rising sea levels by the end of the century. It is the first major study to assess the risk from rising seas using year 2100 population forecasts for all 319 coastal counties in the continental United States. Previous impact assessments use current population figures to assess long-term effects of coastal flooding.

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