Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Reef rescue

Ocean waters off Southeast coast are acidifying faster than anyone expected — and threatening marine life

Healthy fire coral in Bermuda (left) and bleached coral (right). CATLIN SEAVIEW SURVEY

Post and Courier

Charleston Post and Courier

Gray's Reef off the northern Georgia coast has a stunning diversity of 300+ marine creatures and fish. And it's more threatened than any one expected. The entire Southeast coast is. The ocean water is acidifying even faster than the air above it. That in a nutshell is why the newly formed Southeast Ocean and Coastal Acidification Network met in Charleston to work out priorities for monitoring and research.


Trump proposal to slash bay cleanup funds 90%

Delmarva Now & Washington Post

The Trump administration is planning deep cuts to a program that helps Delmarva towns, farmers and environmental groups meet their cleanup goals under the Chesapeake Bay restoration project. The proposal would reduce annual funding from $73 million to $5 million as part of a one-fifth cut in the EPA's budget. Many of the Chesapeake region's lawmakers have heaped criticism on the idea.


Engineers give infrastructure a near-failing grade


America's infrastructure is close to failing. That's the assessment of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which has released its 2017 infrastructure report card, giving the nation's overall infrastructure a grade of D+. Since 1998, grades have been near failing and averaging only D's, due to "delayed maintenance" and "under investment across most categories." ► STATE-BY-STATE GRADES