Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dirty dozen?

Summits seek water quality solutions to algal blooms

Different species of algae await testing in the ongoing fight against harmful algal blooms. (Veronica Volk, Great Lakes Today)

Great Lakes Today

Poughkeepsie Journal & North County Public Radio

From drinking water to fishing spots, New York's water is under threat. The culprit? Simple algae. In a series of summits announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, environmental leaders will research ways to prevent and repair harmful algal blooms (HABs). By examining the 12 most problematic lakes, New York hopes to get ahead of the problem before HABs devastate the state's other bodies of water. Cuomo has already pledged nearly $60 million to address the state's water issues.


Goal: 10 billion oysters in Chesapeake by 2025

WAVY Portsmouth & Augusta Free Press

A partnership of more than 20 organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions has established a bold new goal of adding 10 billion new oysters to the Chesapeake Bay by 2025. The hope is that by adding millions more oysters, the water will be cleaner thanks to their natural filtration function. The oysters will come from a combination of expanded restoration activities, fishery repletion activities, and the continued growth of the bay’s oyster aquaculture industry.


DC Water public startup charting bold new waters


Launched in late 2016 with a nearly $3 million investment from utility DC Water, Blue Drop is the brainchild of George Hawkins, the utility’s former CEO and general manager. Though not alone in the growing field of utility consulting, what sets Blue Drop apart is its goal to tap wastewater as a revenue stream.