Tuesday, March 3, 2015

'Extreme' event

New study finds 2-year-long sea level rise on East Coast


New Jersey Star-Ledger

In much of the measurable world, a 4-inch change doesn't amount to much. But in oceanography, it's huge, and a new study published last week shows that sea levels along the East Coast jumped up to four inches and stayed that way for two years in 2009-2010.


Could climate change Assateague for the better?

Delmarva Now

Impending new watery shortcuts between the Atlantic Ocean and coastal bays will finally free the water virtually trapped behind Assateague Island, triggering a potential cascade of environmental benefits for Maryland seashore.


Whale of a fight brews over Atlantic coastal drilling

McClatchy Newspapers

Oil and gas companies hoping to drill in the Atlantic Ocean will have to contend with a new federal proposal to declare waters off the Carolinas and Georgia as critical for endangered whales.

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