Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017

A 'no-brainer'

Vermont senators back $1 trillion infrastructure plan

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that $3.6 trillion is needed to fully repair the nation's infrastructure. WIN McNAMEE / Getty Images


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Senate Democrats unveiled a $1 trillion infrastructure plan last week, challenging President Donald Trump to fulfill a key campaign promise and support the legislation. Vermont's two U.S. senators — who each serve as ranking members on committees with jurisdiction over the federal budget — helped introduce the plan, which prioritizes $110 billion for water and sewer upgrades.


A vulnerable community braces for sea-level rise

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Experts warn that the flooding exacerbated by climate change will disproportionately affect low-lying, low-income communities. In the Wilmington, Del., neighborhood of Southbridge, residents are determined to build up their flood defenses — and to stand their ground — as flooding events become more frequent.


Academics build a solar-powered water purifier


You may have seen Bear Grylls of "Man vs. Wild" turn foul water into drinking water with little more than sunlight and plastic. Now, academics have added a third element that may turn this survival tactic into a highly efficient and inexpensive way to turn saltwater and contaminated water into potable water for personal use.