Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018

Tides of change

Rising sea levels altering Chesapeake Bay, study finds

A tide level gauge that has been bolstered to withstand hurricanes. (Credit: NOAA)



Researchers have found evidence that sea-level rise is already affecting high and low tides in both the Chesapeake and Delaware bays, two large estuaries of the Eastern United States. The Penn State team combined a computer model with 100 years of observations to find that global sea-level rise is increasing the tidal range in many areas throughout each bay. The study shows that 1 meter of sea-level rise increased the tidal range by up to 20 percent in some areas.


EPA pushes for GenX testing in W.Va., Ohio


Chemours has been asked by federal regulators to test public and private drinking water supplies in West Virginia and Ohio for GenX, a chemical it uses to make products including Teflon. The Jan. 11 EPA letter also cites prior testing and similar issues near the company’s plant in Fayetteville, N.C., where Chemours is supplying bottled water to some residents.


Using wastewater to fight sea rise, make beer


A few years ago, Hampton Roads Sanitation District's GM, Ted Henifin, got to wondering: What if, instead of sending all that water from our toilets and sinks toward the ocean, HRSD took its treatment to a whole new level? What if it transformed that effluent into something that was clean enough to drink and then injected it below ground, into the main aquifer deep beneath the region? And then what if the district gave it to craft beer brewers?