Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017

The wait is over

VA to pay billions over tainted water at Camp Lejeune

A U.S. Marine patrols through a forest during a field exercise at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. GETTY IMAGES

PBS Newshour

Fayetteville Observer & Beaufort Gazette

The VA will pay out more than $2 billion in disability benefits over the next several years to veterans affected by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. The Department of Veterans Affairs finalized rules Friday that streamline the benefits for veterans who meet certain service requirements and have been diagnosed with one of eight diseases. Meanwhile, the Navy said it is looking into health hazards at Marine Corps bases in South Carolina.


Cuomo's $2B clean water push called 'amazing'

Buffalo News

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wants to address problems like raw sewage in creeks, manure and pesticides in lakes and lead in drinking water with a $2 billion proposal to improve water quality in the Buffalo Niagara region and the rest of New York State. Part of the money would be spent on projects beyond gray infrastructure and instead pay for ways to prevent water pollution in the first place.


Amish being targeted over runoff, disposal woes

Lebanon Daily News

Agricultural runoff in south-central Pennsylvania has been identified as one of the leading causes of Chesapeake Bay pollution. That's caused a lot of finger-pointing – and some of those fingers have been aimed directly at the Amish and Mennonite communities. Environmental activists have targeted Amish farming, human waste disposal and animal waste disposal practices. Some farmers are frustrated by rumors that the Amish don't follow the same rules.