Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017

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San Joaquin Valley is ‘in crisis’ from a water imbalance

A Valley in Crisis: Water Imbalance in the San Joaquin Valley. FRIANT WATER AUTHORITY

Friant Water Authority

Porterville Recorder

The Friant Water Authority released a brochure last week that summarizes the water imbalance issue in the San Joaquin Valley. This summary says that even after a drought-ending wet season last year, the combined effects of prolonged drought and increasing regulations on water resources have placed the Valley in a severe state of overdraft. This overdraft is estimated at 1.8 million acre-feet per year on average — nearly 22 Success Lakes at full capacity.


Big ideas: Alliance rolls out its One Water report

NACWA & U.S. Water Alliance

The U.S. Water Alliance has released the executive summary of its One Water for America Policy Framework, capping a series of national listening sessions across the country and presenting a vision of how the U.S. can better view, value and manage water. The document synthesizes input received during the listening sessions into seven big ideas for the sustainable management of water.


DWR releases BMP for sustainable management

Maven's Notebook

The Department of Water Resources Sustainable Groundwater Management Program released a draft Best Management Practice document that focuses on sustainable management criteria for public comment. This BMP characterizes the relationship between the different criteria and describes best practices for developing these criteria as part of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan.