Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014

Water metrics

California needs 11 trillion gallons to get out of drought

Flood waters rise on Drake Road as the Russian River surges in Guerneville. PAUL CHINN/San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

Orange County Register

For 12 years, NASA researchers have compiled data on water storage levels in groundwater, reservoirs and snowpack. This past fall, water storage was 11 trillion gallons below average, an amount equal to roughly 1.5 fully stocked Lake Meads. This is the first time scientists have quantified how much water would be needed to bust out of California's three-year drought.


Catching rainwater eases drought's grip

San Jose Mercury News

For most Californians, rain-catching is a seasonal hobby and not practical enough to wean us from our dependency on snowmelt, reservoirs and groundwater. But for a growing number of collectors, rainwater systems are elaborate enough to weaken the drought's fierce grip.


Accessing data that informs decision making

Maven's Notebook

One of the recommendations in the Delta Science Program's Delta Science Plan calls for an Environmental Data Summit to explore information management systems, find new integrative approaches and support decision making in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's complex policy and management environment.

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