Friday, Dec. 15, 2017


Dry December stirs all-too-recent memories of drought

Drought summary for California. U.S. DROUGHT MONITOR

U.S. Drought Monitor

San Francisco Chronicle & Mercury News

Memories of blue sky and months on end without rain faded quickly after last winter’s drought-busting storms. But with a bone-dry December and a good chance of sunshine well into the new year, Californians are having flashbacks. Is the state heading back into a drought? Experts say it’s too early to say for sure, but the evidence is accumulating — and the rain is definitely not.


CUWA looks at consequences of declining flows

Water Research Foundation

A white paper sponsored by California Urban Water Agencies investigated the negative impacts observed by utilities during recent mandatory drought restrictions in California. Specifically, it looked at drinking water distribution systems, wastewater conveyance, wastewater treatment, and production of reclaimed water.


Biomass is an option to state's epic tree die-off

Lake Tahoe News

As California experiences what may be its worst wildfire year on record, a multi-agency working group has sparked new ways for the state to see the forest through the trees in fire hazard regions. “The creation of biomass is a necessary outcome of doing active forest management,” a California Natural Resources Agency official says.