Monday, Dec. 15, 2014

Let it snow

California storms help where it counts: Sierra snowpack

A sign warns drivers of the road conditions on Donner Pass Road near Soda Springs. LOS ANGELES TIMES

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Last week's heavy rains are expected to aid California in one of the places it needs the most help: the depleted Sierra snowpack. Forecasters told state water officials that the storm is expected to add several feet of snow in parts of the Sierra. The snowpack is important because when it melts during the summer, the water can replenish reservoirs. Recent rains have helped boost the snow pack. As of Friday, it had climbed to 40 percent.


Carmel River diverted to bypass San Clemente Dam

San Francisco Chronicle

The channeling of the Carmel last week into a carefully engineered river bed was designed to bypass the tons of sludge behind the 106-foot-tall San Clemente Dam, which has blocked both the river and San Clemente Creek for 94 years. The new river channel will allow workers to take down the dam structure next year.


Examining ways to put stormwater to use in cities

Stanford University

Stanford researchers plan to use data from St. Paul, Minn., to determine the value of stormwater, and apply these lessons to water projects in Brazil and Ethiopia. Today, a Stanford scientist will present work in progress to model the ecosystem and financial benefits of "natural capital," such as undisturbed watersheds or urban biofilters for managing stormwater in big cities.

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