Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017

Tubbs update

Early tests indicate no post-fire water contamination

Water flows along a branch of Mark West Creek. ALVIN JORNADA / Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Press Democrat

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Samples taken from key Russian River tributaries downstream of the massive Tubbs fire scar have so far tested within the expected range for a suite of 30 toxins and other traits that might betray contamination related to ash, burned wreckage and recent firefighting efforts, according to North Coast water regulators. The results are the earliest in the long-term monitoring planned for the 1,500-square-mile river watershed.


NASA: Sierra peaks an inch taller after drought

San Francisco Chronicle

California’s towering Sierra Nevada summits rose to new heights during the drought, albeit by just a hair. A study by NASA scientists published Wednesday found that the granite peaks of the 400-mile range were pushed nearly an inch upward between 2011 and 2015, a phenomenon linked not only to known tectonic forces but the expansion of the land as it dried out and shed water weight.


3 reasons why fire risk won't abate anytime soon


Wildfires in December are the new norm for California. In the West, they are burning hotter and more intensely than ever, and the situation is made worse by the explosion of development in fire-prone areas and past firefighting decisions. Here are three reasons the fires are massive and likely won't abate anytime soon.