Monday, Dec. 14, 2015

A new era

California's biggest desal plant to open: What it means

A $1 billion desalination plant is opening in Carlsbad, near San Diego. VIDEO BY DALE KASLER / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

San Diego Union-Tribune

Poseidon Water’s desalination plant in Carlsbad is poised to begin regular operations within days — decades after water officials first considered harvesting drinking water from the sea and 14 years after they formally took the first steps toward its construction. The opening, to be celebrated with an anticipatory ceremony today, will be a milestone for the company, for arid San Diego County and for all of California.


Drought not enough to force accord on water bill

Sacramento Bee

California lawmakers' repeated failures to agree on legislation to resolve the state's seemingly endless battle over how to use its water resources raise new questions about whether they'll ever be able to find a compromise. Now, cold rain and snow have returned to California, dampening the sense of urgency.


Gov. Brown applauds climate pact signed in Paris

Times of San Diego

California lawmakers cheered Saturday's announcement of a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help prevent serious climate change. "This is a historic turning point in the quest to combat one of the biggest threats facing humanity," Gov. Jerry Brown said. The agreement, signed by 190 nations, will require significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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