Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016

'A big win'

Flood-control projects eased passage of state water bill

John Bassett, Director of Engineering (left) and Peter Buck, Natural Resources Supervisor for the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, make their way over a levee under construction in September 2010. BRYAN PATRICK / Sacramento Bee


McClatchy & Sacramento Bee

Flood-control concerns in the Sacramento area and Merced County helped drive a big water bill that won overwhelming congressional approval despite heated conflict over other California provisions. The flood control authorizations made it into the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act that is headed to the president's desk for his signature.


State's small water utilities struggle with safety

Palm Springs Desert Sun

Californians relying on small water utilities to bring drinking water into their homes, or who work or go to school in places providing their own water, are far more likely to be exposed to lead, according to a new analysis of Environmental Protection Agency data by The Desert Sun and USA Today.


UC grants $17M for critical, innovative research

University of California

Drought-ravaged California misses out on billions of gallons of fresh water each year, as rain washes into storm drains and out to sea. UC researchers say it's time for that practice to change. Led by UC Irvine civil engineer Stanley Grant, they hope to start a revolution in how urban stormwater is collected and managed.

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