Monday, Dec. 12, 2016

Battle scars

After years of drama, farmers score a win in water fight

ACWA statement on passage of federal water legislation. ACWA


McClatchy & Maven's Notebook

The California water bill now ready for the president's signature dramatically shifts 25 years of federal policy and culminates a long and fractious campaign born in the drought-stricken San Joaquin Valley. A rough five years in the making, the $558 million bill approved by the Senate early Saturday morning steers more water to farmers, eases dam construction, and funds desalination and recycling projects.


How years of wrangling led to a water compromise

Los Angeles Times

Few people expected a California water fight in the final days of a lame-duck Congress, and fewer still expected landmark water legislation to pit the state’s U.S. senators against each other in the last moments of their 24-year partnership. It took years of negotiations, and the right political timing, to bring the first major water policy affecting California in decades through the House and Senate. How did things get to this point?


The water bill and what you need to know about it

Stockton Record

By now you've heard that California's two longtime U.S. senators are seriously at odds over legislation to address the drought. Who's right? The dust devil is in the details. Here are six themes from Sen. Dianne Feinstein's bill, and why they matter.

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