Friday, Dec. 11, 2015


State drought bill dead for the year as talks collapse

A furious round of Capitol Hill finger-pointing ensues.

Sacramento Bee & Maven's Notebook

Angry California Republicans threw in the towel late Thursday, conceding that a water bill that had divided the state was dead for the year. In a remarkably acrimonious ending to negotiations that once seemed close to bearing fruit, GOP House members acknowledged the bill's failure while putting the blame squarely on California's two Democratic senators. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and GOP leaders responded to the collapsed talks.


San Mateo plant first to turn biogas into CNG

San Mateo Daily Journal

San Mateo will break ground today on California's first city-run biogas conversion project to produce compressed natural gas at its wastewater treatment plant. The city plans to construct a digester that will capture underutilized biogas, which naturally occurs while treating wastewater, and turn it into compressed natural gas that will be used to fuel new city-owned vehicles.


Bakersfield losing money as customers conserve

KBAK Bakersfield

Conserving water doesn't mean water agencies and their customers will save money. For the Bakersfield Water Resources Department, it's taken a hit to its bottom line. "It looks like we have about a 9 percent reduction," Water Resources Manager Art Chianello says. "It's approximately equal to $2 million."

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