Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015

War over words

Californians clash as state GOP seeks $300 million for drought, inserts relief language in federal spending bill

Old trees are revealed as the reservoir level at Camanche Reservoir continues to drop in California. MICHAEL NELSON / EPA


Los Angeles Times

California Republicans will continue trying to include language addressing the state's drought in a must-pass bill to fund the federal government. A Republican aide framed the GOP plan as an emergency proposal to take advantage of the deluge of water when El Niño hits California this winter.


Report outlines state's climate change strategy

Governor's Environmental Goals and Policy Report

A new draft of Environmental Goals and Policy Report considers the state's future in a changing climate and a population that is projected to hit 50 million residents by middle of this century. The discussion draft provides a vision of the state's future and a broad overview of the state's programs and policies to achieve that vision.


Drought lessons: Israel's water shortage solutions

KPBS San Diego

Almost 10 years ago, Israel went through a similar crisis that California now faces. Now it has so much water, it's selling it to other countries. A new book tells the story of how this desert land became water self-sufficient and a water exporter.

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