Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014

Pineapple Express

How many superstorms will it take to end our drought?

The Pineapple Express is expected to bring a surge of moisture in the form of rain and snow to the West Coast this week, as shown in this precipitable water forecast from the GFS. WASHINGTON POST

Washington Post

The Atlantic

Weather officials expect a "storm of the decade" to wallop California tonight and Thursday with hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall. While that should be good news for a state starved for water, experts have said that one storm will just not offer enough rain relief. NOAA reports that over the next six months, California needs 18 to 21 more inches of rain in order to bust the drought.


New environmentalism needed for California water

California Water Blog

California needs a new environmentalism to set a more effective and sustainable green bar for the nation and the world. For decades, we have taken a "just say no" approach to stop, prevent or blunt human encroachments onto the natural world — often rightly so. Yet, despite these important gains, the classical environmentalism of "no" will ultimately fail. We must shift to "how better?"


Drought in California: A lens on our climate future

Water in the West / Stanford University

A new report from Stanford summarizes the insights, lessons and key findings of a workshop hosted by Water in the West in September, which brought together participants who have played central roles in managing water during California's current drought.

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