Friday, Dec. 9, 2016

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California drought bill victory could be short-lived: Sen. Barbara Boxer pledges filibuster as one of her last acts

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., has vowed to derail the drought bill on what may be the last day Congress is in session. PALM SPRINGS DESERT SUN

Desert Sun

Los Angeles Times, KBAK Bakersfield & East Bay Times

The water policy measure that passed overwhelmingly Thursday by the House to build long-term water infrastructure across the Golden State is headed for a showdown with outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer, who plans to mount a filibuster in the Senate today as one of her final acts in Congress. Bay Area lawmakers say the bill, which passed 360–61, will harm the Delta ecosystem by shipping more water to Socal cities and Valley farms.


How summit aims to help restore water balance

California Economic Summit

Five dry years have exacerbated the state's water problem to crisis levels — and finally raised awareness that Californians must act boldly to secure the state's water future. The 2016 Playbook outlines a plan for helping bring California's water systems back into balance, promoting the conservation, reuse and capture of 1 million more acre-feet of water each year for a decade.


How state plans to make conservation a way of life

Water Deeply

California is working to put into place a framework that will help the state deal with its water shortage, as well as future droughts that are likely to be more severe with a changing climate. "Making Water Conservation a Way of Life" — a draft report released last week — is the collective effort of five state agencies to fulfill Gov. Jerry Brown's Executive Order B-37-16, signed in May.

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