Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015

Storm prep

Disaster officials brace for havoc from historic El Niño

This East Palo Alto apartment's garage was flooded during El Nino rains in February 1998. TIM KAO / San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle & Sacramento Bee

Federal disaster officials warned Tuesday that El Niño-fueled storms in California could inflict millions of dollars in damage this winter — from mud-soaked homes to broken levees to downed electrical lines — and said they're taking steps to minimize the toll. A 56-page federal emergency response plan released today lays out a series of scenarios that could result from this winter's storms.


New research center planned for Sacramento Delta

Sacramento Bee

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the state Department of Water Resources are proposing to build a science and research center in the Delta to focus on the Delta and San Francisco Bay ecosystem. If built, most likely in Rio Vista, the Delta research station would consist of two facilities — an estuarine research station and a fish technology center.


UC scientist will study soil to understand drought

UC Riverside

A UC Riverside assistant professor and a team of researchers are using an often overlooked tool to fight the drought: soil. The team will use a $1.69 million grant that will allow it to study the role of soil as it relates to how crops use water and respond to drought.

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