Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015

Talks teeter

Feinstein-McCarthy clash dooms drought law this year

As happened last year, the process will most likely start over again in January. via SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

A closed-door attempt to rewrite state water law crashed last week in a public row between Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy that could doom drought legislation for yet another year. Feinstein said that until Friday, the two sides had been nearing an agreement but that “significant issues remain.” The chance of passing drought legislation this year now seems remote.


State considers drought rule adjustments, climate

KCRA Sacramento

With the current set of drought regulations set to expire in February, the State Water Board met Monday to hear proposals for the next round of rules. Sacramento-area agencies asked the board to factor in a climate adjustment, so that communities in hot, dry summer climates would have smaller cutbacks.


Water suppliers, buoyed by El Niño, request relief

San Francisco Chronicle & Fresno Bee

As expectations grow of a wet El Niño winter, many California water suppliers want relief from the state's drought rules. Suppliers had an opportunity to speak to state Water Resource Control Board officials on Monday and seek changes to a system that some say was hastily cobbled together to respond to the drought.

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