Monday, Dec. 8, 2014

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State board's draft takes on 'safe' drinking water plan

A well and reservoir at the Coachella Valley Water District's ion exchange water treatment plant near Mecca. JAY CALDERON/Palm Springs Desert Sun

Desert Sun

Palm Springs Desert Sun

Across California, water that comes out of the taps in many mobile home parks and other small rural communities often doesn't meet safe drinking water standards. Some wells contain arsenic, nitrates or other contaminants. The State Water Resources Control Board has drafted a plan aimed at addressing those problems — the first plan since 1993.


Water at risk from abandoned Sierra Nevada mines

Capital Public Radio

Along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, runoff pollution from abandoned mines in "Gold Country" could threaten California's primary water supply. A pilot project at one mine site is intended to prevent contaminated runoff from reaching the Yuba River.


Geophysicist maps saltwater threat to aquifers

Earlier this fall, a team led by Stanford geophysicist Rosemary Knight performed an ambitious experiment to determine the extent of ocean saltwater intrusion into underground freshwater in the Monterey Bay region. The findings, expected early next year, could help refine computer models of saltwater intrusion in the region.

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