Monday, Dec. 7, 2015

Power struggle

Valley officials grapple with new state groundwater law

Of California's 515 groundwater basins, 127 are designated as high or medium priority. These basins are required to form groundwater management agencies by 2017 and submit sustainability plans to the state by 2020 or 2022, depending on the severity of the basin's groundwater decline. DWR via Circle of Blue


Stockton Record

A new law regulating groundwater use in California is decades away from being fully implemented. But already, it is clear how difficult it will be for water providers to comply. They are struggling over who will decide how much groundwater farms and cities can pump, and what kind of fees those who rely upon groundwater must pay in the future.


Storage a critical question for climate adaptation

Circle of Blue

Water advocates have repeatedly clamored for recognition that climate adaptation is about shifting hydrological cycles. In Paris, they are beginning to see results. Still, one issue is likely to dominate this discussion: storage. That is, how to smooth out climate irregularities into a reliable, steady water supply.


Stanford team solves mystery of arsenic release

Stanford University

Stanford scientists have solved an important mystery about where the microbes responsible for releasing dangerous arsenic into groundwater in Southeast Asia get their food. Their findings could guide future land management and future development.

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