Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017

SGMA impact

State's water districts don't need voter approval on fees

Sustainable groundwater management in California. USGS


Associated Press & BBK Law

The state's water conservation districts don't need the approval of property owners or voters to charge their customers fees to fund programs aimed at protecting groundwater, the California Supreme Court ruled on Monday. But the justices in a unanimous decision also said the districts cannot charge cities disproportionately more than farmers for conservation efforts.


Climate scientists see a new threat to California

Los Angeles Times

California could be hit with significantly more dangerous and more frequent droughts in the near future as changes in weather patterns triggered by global warming block rainfall from reaching the state, according to new research led by scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Portable systems to create 'virtual water district'

Water Deeply

A movable water treatment system developed at UCLA fits in a shipping container and can be operated with a smartphone. The goal is to help small communities that lack the expertise to run traditional water treatment plants themselves. These problems are not unique to California, but common to rural areas worldwide.