Friday, Dec. 4, 2015

Much work to do

Felicia Marcus: State likely to tweak drought mandate

The PPIC report was released shortly after a months-long NBC Bay Area investigation into California's water crisis took the team half way around the world and uncovered dysfunction and systemic barriers that stand in the way of possible solutions in California. PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA


Palm Springs Desert Sun & KNTV San Jose

When Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a 25 percent water cutback in April, the state water board scrambled to make it happen. Nobody thought those rushed decisions were perfect — not least the water board itself. Now, as California prepares for another year of drought, the water board is trying to make the conservation mandate more fair.


Farmers now see drought as a rule, not exception

Fresno Bee

Farmers are no strangers to struggle or drought. But this four-year drought is different than others, they say. Farmers talk of a new reality — one in which droughts are more of the rule than the exception, and water availability, both above and below ground, becomes less certain.


Pismo enacts building moratorium due to drought

San Luis Obispo Tribune

After months of delaying a decision, the Pismo Beach City Council has implemented its first building moratorium in nearly three decades in response to the statewide drought and what officials expect could be a drastic drop in water supply next year.

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