Monday, Dec. 1, 2014

Rinse, repeat

Environmental groups try again for microbead ban

Caelan Wright got a close look at a natural bubble bath at LUSH. BRANT WARD/San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

Rinse and repeat. That's how environmental groups are responding to their narrow defeat this year in the Legislature on a bill to ban microbeads, the tiny plastic particles in a wide variety of skin-cleansing products. Next year, expect to see a second push to ban the bead. This year, many environmental groups were focused on the statewide plastic bag ban. Now, attention can be refocused on microbeads.


L.A. leaders learn Australia's water-saving lessons

Contra Costa Times

When about 1 inch of rainfall hits Los Angeles, that produces about 7.6 billion gallons of runoff that bounces off the pavement, rooftops and concrete sidewalks and runs unabated down storm drains, the Los Angeles River and into the Pacific Ocean. If only half of that could be captured, Los Angeles would not be looking for new sources of water.


Coho salmon vanish, fanning fears of extinction

San Francisco Chronicle

The cherished coho salmon that historically wriggled their way into Muir Woods vanished this year and are now on the verge of extinction, prompting a last-ditch attempt by fisheries biologists to save the species. No salmon eggs were spotted this past winter, and not a single baby coho could be found in the summer.

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