Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017

Short & sweet

Water Plan update: Envisioning water sustainability

Sustainability requires a comprehensive approach. DWR


Maven's Notebook

The update to the California Water Plan will be a much shorter and more succinct document than its predecessors — and is expected to be finalized by the end of 2018. The statewide plan has been on a 17-year journey, with each proposal building upon the other. But with this latest update, water officials want to take a different approach. Chris Austin takes a deeper look at this evolving document.


Subsidence drops Friant-Kern canal nearly 3 feet

Friant Water Authority

When officials with the Friant Water Authority did an initial survey in April to measure subsidence along the Friant-Kern Canal, they expected to see impacts from the recent drought. What they measured in some places was a nearly 3-foot drop in the canal elevation.


Brown kicks off climate summit in San Francisco

KTVU Oakland

Gov. Jerry Brown returned from weeks of world travel crusading against climate change, as he kicked off the ClimateTECH conference Wednesday in San Francisco. The event, hosted by the New York Times, brings policymakers, entrepreneurs and tech experts together to tackle climate change.